If we own a land a private house, we want to enjoy the maximum of its benefits – both inside the house and on the adjacent territory.

A beautiful terrace is an essential part of a private house, being the place where you can spend wonderful time outdoor - to have a cup of tea while listening to the chants of birds in the morning, to catch some sunrays during the day or to have a party with your friends in the evening.

Unfortunately, the weather in Latvia is fast-changing and unstable. Winters become warmer, springs get cooler. As a result, we have only a rare chance to enjoy time at the terrace – usually it is either raining or too windy to go outside. Moreover, the question is – what to do with the beautiful terrace furniture when the summer is over?

We have a solution!

To use your terrace for a much longer period of time and to keep it functioning as long as possible, we offer to glaze your terrace by a thin, stylish and useful structure.

By glazing your terrace, you get a premise where you can hide from rain and wind; moreover, your terrace furniture will always stay safe and dry all year round.